Behind the scenes - Lady Minor Photo Shoot

   Developing a clothing line is a lot of work but some days are so much fun you don’t even realize you’re working. Take photo shoots for example. I absolutely love shoot day! The clothes have been designed and made so to shoot the finished product is the easy part.  

   It’s especially nice if you have a good relationship with the models and photographer. That definitely helps things go smooth.

   Our latest shoot was on location at the University of Tampa. I love this city. There are so many beautiful locations. The University of Tampa is a stunning campus inside and out.
lady minor photo shoot

   Trailing one side of the school is the Hillsborough River. Along the other side of the river walk, you’ll see a park, museum and a ton of other places full of character.
lady minor photo shoot
   The photographer was Malachi Sincere from High Life Films.
He is a dream to work with. He's professional, super talented with an upbeat personality. I like that we can see eye to eye on things and come together to create something beautiful. 

    Finding just the right model for your clothes is so important. She represents your brand. A model has to be willing to take direction, be on time and know her body. When I find a good model I hold on to her because it might take a while to find someone reliable. 

lady minor photo shoot

   Take your time when choosing a model. Don't ever be in a rush for anything. That goes for the photographer, the location and any stylists you may work with. 


As always stay tuned, there’s more to come…

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