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   It was recently announced that Instagram, everyone’s most loved and hated social media platform is slowly but surely removing likes. Reason being? For the sake of mental health. We’ve all been there at one point or another. We take a fire ass pic and upon first glance say, “oh yeah this is going on the gram”. Or you have every intention of posting so you get all cute (won’t delete later) and you struggle to take 1,001 pics on your own or you enlist the help of the closest friend, family member or innocent bystander to take said 1,001 pics for you because… doin it for the gram.

    Once you get that one picture that’s almost post worthy now you’ve got to send it through Facetune or whatever arsenal of editing apps you’ve got stored on your phone and edit it to your heart’s desire. After what seems like 5 minutes but really, it’s been an hour or more you’re kind of content with the final content (get it, or moving on). Now you post it and wait for the likes to come rolling in. At first you might act like you don’t care but after refreshing your page every 30 seconds to see how many likes you’ve gotten, it’s obvious… you do care.

    After all of the time and effort to take the picture, edit the picture and not to mention that really creative caption you came up with to go along with the picture… you deserve some likes. It makes you feel good seeing the little heart turn red!

    But what happens when the likes, or lack thereof start to take over your life? What happens when you start comparing yourself to someone with way more likes or followers than you? That sadness starts creeping in and you didn’t even see it coming.

    That my dear is why Instagram is removing likes. I’m sure there’s a big business idea behind it and they’re camouflaging it to make it look like it’s because they care about the people using their platform but hey any help is good right? Especially when mental health and the dangerous game of comparison is involved.

    Comparison really is the thief of joy. We’re all just sitting back comparing our real lives to someone else’s highlight reel on social media. Once you realize everyone and I do mean everyone is or has gone through something in their life that would make you realize “Hey, I don’t want that person’s life, I’d rather have mine. Thanks but never mind” the better off we’ll all be and the easier it will be to actually enjoy using social media.

    Without likes can we still enjoy the platform? I mean after all it is “Social media”, we’re supposed to be able to share the content we love and connect with other people.

    Not only that but we can still see our own personal likes so I think we’ll still be paying attention to our own likes we just won’t be able to compare our likes to those of someone else.

    I personally love Instagram for the inspiration I get from it. I follow accounts that post content that really resonates with me but I know to take a break for a few days if I start feeling like I’m comparing myself to others.

    Alright babes, those have been my musings on the subject. Let me know your thoughts on Instagram removing likes.

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Photo cred: Prateek Katyal on Unsplash

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