About Us

About You

   Lady Minor is a clothing line dedicated to the woman that is a hopeless romantic. She gets caught up in the occasional daydream, believes men should still send flowers and confess their love in writing. She loves to soak in a tub surrounded by bubbles and candles while reading and sipping champagne. She knows clothes don't make the woman but enhances how she looks and feels.  
   Lady Minor is for the woman that loves fashion and is up to date with all the latest beauty trends. She's all about catching up with her girls over brunch, is all about her career and her man because why can't we have it all?! She's straightforward, tells it like it is. If you have a problem, she'll drop everything and come over with a bottle of wine or two. She's sweet, seductive and charming with a goofy side.


About Me

   Lady Minor is the love child of Samantha Jade Minor. That’s me. You can call me Sam. I’m the ultimate romantic and champion of lovers. I think women should believe in "The One" and not settle for less. I feel a woman should embrace her curves while showing off her mind. Be strong and confident while maintaining a level of softness and femininity.
   I’m a makeup artist, clothing designer and writer. I started designing clothes when I got tired of not finding anything to wear at the mall and wanted a change in fashion. I currently live in Tampa, Fl where I’m a mom above everything. I may be a bit biased, but I pride myself on being a loyal friend and uplifting women everywhere. I love wine (preferably red), lilies, lace (there’s just something about a sheer piece of clothing), 90's hip-hop and R&B and to be swept off my feet. I am Lady Minor.