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     Lady Minor is an online boutique dedicated to the woman that loves fashion and is up to date on all the latest beauty trends. She knows clothes don't make the woman but enhances how she looks and feels. She’s laser focused on her career goals but still loves catching up with her girls over brunch and family is her everything. Self care is a top priority of hers because she knows it’s the key to living her best life!  


 About Me

   Lady Minor is the love child of Samantha Jade Minor. That’s me. You can call me Sam. I’m a makeup artist, clothing designer and writer but most important I’m a mom of 7 beautiful humans. Years ago, I struggled with low self esteem after being in a really bad relationship. As a way to get my confidence back I started modeling. During this time I met an amazing designer in Phoenix Arizona. I modeled for him for a little while but the more our friendship grew I began helping him run the business instead of being his model. Thrill of casting calls, coordinating fashion shows and handling press quickly over shadowed the feeling I got when I was the one walking down the runway.

    I continued to model and started sketching my own designs but never did anything with them. Until I modeled in Tucson Fashion Week. The designer I modeled for was also the founder of TFW. We got to talking and she asked me about my goals. I told her I loved modeling but wanted more than anything to be a designer. She told me she loved having me as a model but if my passion was in design then to submit my designs for the next year and have my clothes in fashion week instead of walking.  

   The following year I took her advice, submitted my designs and I got in! For the months leading up to my launch I had drove 2 ½ hours back and forth from Phoenix to Tucson for casting calls, interviews, fittings etc. Did I mention I was pregnant with kid # 6?! The night of the big runway show at the end of a week of events was the first time my designs would be going down the runway. I can’t describe the pure magic that I felt that night, but I knew I did not want it to end!

   I’m a strong advocate for women supporting women. I believe in female empowerment and there’s room at the table of success for all of us. There’s power in numbers and a lot more women would get further ahead if we simply fixed another queens crown and gave her some words of encouragement.

   I may be a bit biased, but I pride myself on being a loyal friend and uplifting women everywhere. I love champagne but will not turn away a glass of wine (preferably red), on days when I’m feeling down I will put on an entire face of makeup just to take pics for the gram. I like lilies, lace (there’s just something about a sheer piece of clothing), 90's hip hop and R&B and to be swept off my feet.

I am Lady Minor.