There's nothing like burning a great smelling candle. When a lovely Aroma filters a room and catches your senses, you have no choice but to be transported into a mood. Lady Minor candles does just that! These hand-poured, soy candles come in a variety of scents uniquely named to describe each tantalizing smell.
"Glambition" smells soft and opulent. It has notes of champagne, jasmin and rose which leaves a lavish and sexy smell in the air. Burn this if you want to set the mood for love and abundance.
"A walk in the garden" smells light and clean. It has notes of citrus, basil and orange peel which leaves you feeling as if you were standing in the middle of a citrus grove. Burn this to set the mood for awakening and renewal.
"Sometimes the king is a woman" smells fresh. With notes of sea salt, cardamom and amber, this fragrance smells masculine yet soft all in one. Burn this if you are in the mood to combine masculine and feminine energies.
Lady Minor candles come in beautiful iridescent containers that can fit in with different types of home decor. The candles are carefully packaged and wrapped in gorgeous wrapping paper. It's like receiving a special gift. How ever, the candles are extremely fragrant. Do not be surprised if your mailbox smells like the candle upon receiving your purchase.
Lady Minor candles also come in wax melts for fragrance warmers. If you are looking for candles that burn clean, are reasonably priced, and smell phenomenally, buy from Lady Minor. You will not be disappointed! - Atasha, Tempe, AZ